November 22, 2009

Playing with textures

I'm loving these new textures!!!

Annie 5 texture

November 20, 2009

My friend Annie

I am so blessed to have Annie as a friend, so you can imagine how excited I was to have her ask me to take her family picture for their Christmas card this year.

The most exciting part about that was that they came here to Hanford so our families could spend the evening enjoying each other's company - and that we did!
Annie, I know you are checking regularly to see these, so this is for you my friend...



My favorite image from the day:




I've been playing around with some new textures I got.
What do you think?




You guys are amazing!
Thank you for making my job easy (and for dinner!).
Love you guys!


Exposing Grace - Kings County Photographer

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Why photography with an eternal purpose?

In 2008 I read a book by Francis Chan called Crazy Love. While reading that book, I was challenged in the way I gave back to God. Tithing couldn't be enough anymore, but our family lived to the end of our means - without any margin for God to use. So I prayed about how that could change. This venture is one of the ways I have responded to the answer to that prayer. A photography business where God gets the majority of the earnings to use for His purposes.
I'm not sure what that fully looks like yet, but I'm excited for the potential of what God is going to do.
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